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Founded in 2019 in Singapore, is a platform that matches talent with companies using intelligent job matching algorithm that profiles candidates based on their career aspirations, personality and soft skills, in addition to their CV and experiences. Through, recruiting process is more efficient and fairer.

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Look beyond your major/specialization. Find our what industry and role you are suited for and are more likely to offer you now based on your personality, experiences and skills.


Stop waiting for rejection emails without reasons and suggestions on what to improve on. suggests steps that you can take to polish your portfolio, sharpen your personal skills and secure that dream job!


With a more holistic portfolio and increased chances of securing the internship role, you will have a targeted and accelerated career path!


Frequently Asked Questions

Profiling of students would be based on soft skils (eg. their career aspirations, personality, character, goals, and interests) and hard skills (eg. CV and past experiences). Our specially designed algorithm will be used to match companies and students together.

Employers will be given flexibility to input specific traits and/or characteristics, as well as skills sets and experiences that they look out for. will assign you to most fit opportunities in MatchUp partnering companies, to ensure you are matched with the best opportunity for your capacity and potentials. will be available for advice and guidance throughout your journey, ensuring you to have a fulfilling and fruitful experience for your future. will always be free!

Start your next chapter on MatchUp. You’re in control, and we’re here to help you succeed. Always for free.

Please email our technical team here.


We are currently lauching our Beta Program. Do fill in the below form to indicate your interest and we will get back to you soon!