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Founded in 2019 in Singapore, is a platform that matches talent with companies using intelligent job matching algorithm that profiles candidates based on their career aspirations, personality and soft skills, in addition to their CV and experiences. Through, recruiting process is more efficient and fairer.

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Discover Hidden Gems assess candidates holistically. A chemistry student might be a genius at marketing when she is an influencer with her own Instagram store.

Reduce (Hidden) Costs

Only the top and most suitable candidates are recommended. reduces time and money companies spent on job ads, job fairs, long and tedious screening process.

Customize your evaluation criteria

Customizable screening criteria allows companies to input specific traits they look out for and we will devise screening questions accordingly to identify the right candidate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Profiling of students would be based on soft skils (eg. their career aspirations, personality, character, goals, and interests) and hard skills (eg. CV and past experiences). Our specially designed algorithm will be used to match companies and students together.

Employers will be given flexibility to input specific traits and/or characteristics, as well as skills sets and experiences that they look out for.

With our specially created algorithm, will curate a list of student profiles that suit best to your given criterion. is currently in its beta program, and thus we are providing services for free for a limited time!

Please email our technical team here.


We are currently lauching our Beta Program. Do fill in the below form to indicate your interest and we will get back to you soon!